Dark Wild Flower 16oz


Experience nature’s pure essence with our Dark Wild Flower Honey, where wildflowers meet sweet harmony.  Whether you’re drizzling it over pancakes, sweetening your tea, or using it as a versatile ingredient.  This subscription product ensures you never run out of nature’s finest sweetener. Pure Raw Brands brings you this pleasure, and with each spoonful, you’ll savour the essence of the wild.

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Experience the untamed beauty of nature with our Dark Wild Flower 16oz – Subscription Product. At The Pure Raw Brand Company, we’re passionate about bringing you the purest essence of the wild. Our organic wildflower raw honey is a testament to the harmonious dance between bees, blossoms, and ethical beekeepers. With every spoonful, you’ll savour the unfiltered, untouched richness of honey.

  • From Nature’s Bounty

Our local wildflower honey is a product of the natural wilderness, carefully curated from the nectar of diverse wildflowers. It’s nature’s diversity poured in every jar.

  • Flavor Profile

Our Dark Wild Flower honey captivates the senses with its complex flavor profile. It’s a symphony of floral notes combined with strong earthiness. With hints of citrus and wildflowers, each jar promises a taste of nature’s bounty.

  • Source and Harvesting

Our honey is sourced from the natural meadows and untouched wilderness of local U.S. Our dedicated beekeepers ensure that the bees thrive in their natural habitat, contributing to the exciting flavors of our local wildflower honey.

  • Purity and Quality

We reach to the highest standards of purity, delivering multi flower honey that is completely unfiltered and unprocessed. Our mountain wildflower honey undergoes rigorous lab testing to maintain its nature.

  • Health Benefits

Our Dark Wild Flower honey is not just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a wellness elixir. Packed with antioxidants and boasting antibacterial properties, it supports your immune system and may provide relief from allergies. 

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